Thursday, October 11, 2012


9 months 21lbs 8oz

10 months 21lbs 8oz

11 months 22lbs 8oz

12 months 23lbs 5oz

our little girl's first birthday party

Well, the day finally came.  Your first birthday party! I wanted your first birthday celebration to be special so mommy and daddy combined it with Thanksgiving.  We had family and friends so up for the huge celebration.  Emma you did great, although you missed your afternoon nap, you didn’t fuss at all.   I guess you knew that all these people were here for you. 

Let’s take a look at the day; First we decided to let you sleep in, after all it is your special day 

 Mommy preparing the turkey

while grandma made all the food, we had Oxtail, Goat, rice and peas, salad, potato salad.  Uncle Peter brought an amazing ham, the food was awesome and everyone enjoyed the day.

Yummy, Yummy everything was soo good.

After dinner, we had desert, of-course we had your cake,

We are also had daddy's favorite pumpkin pie

But first, we all gathered around to sing you the very special Happy Birthday.  

Emma waiting so patiently to be the first one to have her cake,

Daddy had to tell you just wait baby one more second mommy is coming with your cake

 Here it is sweet Emma bear digging in

Yum Yum

After cake everyone just sat around and chatted, I knew you were extremely tired so I got you ready for bed, after all not having an afternoon nap you were one tired Emma.  Present can wait, I say.

But the best part was getting to share this special day with so many of our closest friends and family. My heart was overfilled with joy watching you Emma be surrounded by so many wonderful people who love you.  You are a very lucky little girl!

So Yesterday was your actually birthday, and daddy, Joshua, Jace and I got you an amazing cake, it was daddy favorite World Class Chocolate

Emma digs in for the second time

After cakes we looked at all the thoughtful cards and opened presents from all of our friends and family


I hope Emma you enjoyed you very first birthday, mommy and daddy worked hard to make this first one a very special one.  We love you lots xoxoxo

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

happy birthday emma

October 10, 2012
Happy Happy Birthday Sweet Princess
Happy 12 Months Baby Girl!

Happy birthday, believe it or not, it was just 12 months ago when we welcomed you into this world. 
Our baby girl, Emma Veronica, is one year old today!  Somebody pinch us, please.  We’ve spent the last few nights up late thinking about some of the wonderful moments we have shared as a little family...moments that have made us the happiest we have ever felt.  You fill us up with love, you sweet little girl.  We have created many beautiful memories with you in our lives, and for that we are forever thankful.  We are beyond blessed and ever so privileged to be called your mama, dada, and big brothers that is for sure.  We look forward to spending the whole evening, day 365 of Emma`s life, soaking in the snuggles and watching baby girl eat her first cupcake, after blowing out her candle, of course.  

Happy first birthday, Emma Veronica!
We love you always and forever, in circles.

p.s. leave a little note for Miss Emma Veronica baby book, if you'd like!

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Happy Birthday Emma

Monday, October 1, 2012

It`s nearly time to sing Happy 1st Birthday

Wow, what a big year it has been for our gorgeous baby. From you’re very first smile to learning how to crawl, it’s time to celebrate all these beautiful milestones.  Can’t wait for the day when we sing Happy 1st Birthday, and show you all the wonderful pics from your very first year.