Wednesday, January 23, 2013

mommy’s girls

mommy’s girls, Emma and Mila

mommy’s girls, Emma and Mila

daddy’s little girls

daddy’s little girls, Emma and Mila

daddy’s little girls, Emma and Mila

daddy’s little girls, Emma and Mila

Thursday, January 10, 2013

happy 15 months sweetie pie, emma bear

emma bear 15 months

Time is sure flying by my love.  It seriously feels like yesterday daddy and I were walking in the door with you for the very first time.  I know it seems that way because I wanna keep you my baby forever.  

emma 15 months and big brother Joshua

But at the same time, we love watching you grow, you bring so much joy into our lives.  
Well this is been a crazy month, your about to become a BIG SISTER.  Just remember no matter what you will always be my baby.  Your walking, try to run but still a little wobbly but with lots of practice you will be a PRO at no time.  You have one more tooth that came in, the top one has finally poked through.

Emma you continue to amazes us with everything you do, We love you from infinity and beyond.

emma 15 months with big brother Jace

Sunday, January 6, 2013

my baby is walking

My Baby is Walking

There is nothing sweeter than watching your growth and development.  It thrills my heart to watch you Emma learn, respond and imitate.  WOW

You decided to start walking in early December!  I am sorry I am just letting you know now, but momma is very busy with work and the holidays.  My sweet baby girl Emma, you were in the tumbling stages at first, so all of us were staying very close by to catch you if you need it.  

Now, your a mini PRO, you are so proud of your walking! We love watching you walk everywhere and of course get into everything.

Keep it up Emma bear