Thursday, May 10, 2012

happy 7 months

My my…the months have been FLYING by! How did my tiny little baby girl grow up SO fast?!? Happy 7 Months sweet Emma…mommy loves you very much! You are the most amazing thing ever!!

Today marks exactly seven months since I had my baby girl. I can't believe it's been that long already. It seems like time goes by much faster after you have a baby than it does when you're pregnant. While I love the stage that you’re in in, I can't help but get depressed time to time when I think about how big you`ve gotten and how you`ll never be a little baby again. Wasn't it just yesterday that I was making my way with my daddy to the Birth Center? It feels like we've had her for seven months, but at the same time, it doesn't feel like that long at all. In five months, she'll be a year! I don't even want to think about that yet! 

Emma it’s been a GREAT 7 months! You are getting more active, alert and more fun every day.  You definitely take after me and always want to be on the go. You keep mama very busy, but it is the best kind of busy!

Here's where Emma`s at 7-months old.


You goes to bed at 7:00pm and wakes up around 6:00 or 7:00am.  You started sleeping for 7+ hours pretty consistently when you were about 12 weeks old


Currently takes 2 naps each day. One about a half hour to an hour after she gets up  and,  one around 1:00 for a solid 2 hours

You’re eating three primary meals supplemented with formula three times a day. Your food consists of pureed sweet potatoes, prunes, apples, peaches, pears, mango, bananas, butternut squash, avocado, peas, carrots, rice cereal, and oatmeal.


So far you rolled over a few times and you try every day, you kick your arms and legs out like you’re swimming. No sign of crawling quite yet, but that's ok with me. I don't think I'm ready for you to be mobile yet. I'll enjoy your immobile "babyness" for as long as I can.


Your laughing, yelling, shouting, squealing, growling (yes, YOU growl when your annoyed!) and making all kinds of sounds. It amazes me how someone so small can have such a developed opinion about absolutely everything! Your personality is really showing through, and sometimes it makes me nervous for what we're in store for as you get older. 

Seven months? How did this happen so quickly? You are growing up so fast and literally do something new every day now.

Love You Emma Bear

Emma 7 months

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