Tuesday, July 10, 2012

happy 9 months

Today Emma you are 9 months.  It's crazy that you have been out of my belly as long as you’ve been in my belly.  While you were growing inside 9 months felt like forever & the last 9 months has flown by.  You can sit all by yourself and play for as long as you want to, even though you do fuss a bit if one of us gets up and walk away. You make it easy on me by not crawling yet…but you are learning how to cruise around on your tummy, daddy and I love to watch you pull yourself and do army crawl.  I’m convinced you may be a skip-the-crawling-straight-to-walking baby one day. (But no rush sweetie’s, take your time…for me)

You LOVE your bath time and could splash around in there until you turned into a prune if we let you. You sleep from 7PM to 6AM, eat, and go back to sleep till around 9AM. You take two naps and day lasting about a 1 in the morning and about 2/3 hours in the afternoon.  You still love to jump in jumpers and sit in your Bumbo seat. You eat baby food twice and day.  Each day you become more of the beautiful, hilarious, fantastic little you. Hugs & Kisses from here to the Moon and back - Mama

daddy's little angel

happy 9 months Emma bear

sweet Emma

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