Tuesday, September 8, 2015

You Only Get One "First Day of School"

It' September 8, 2015, back to school. But some of us aren't sending our kids back to school -- we're sending them off to school for the first time.  Little Miss Emma, my princess who is actually 3 years old and doesn’t even resemble a baby any more.  You started junior kindergarten today.

I / We as in you little miss Emma are so ready.

You only had one requested; mommy can I take the bus? I granted your wish but only because you had Jace with you this morning.
little miss emma on the BIG YELLOW BUS
After we arrived at the school the first thing you said to me was "mommy the bus ride was so awesome"  The look on your face was priceless.

little miss emma and big bro Jace

Little Miss Emma, you had a fantastic first day of school..  I am going to enjoy that you love going for as long as it is possible because I know one day you will tell me you don't wanna go.

My sweet little emma bear, school all day school.. look how time flies and how big you are getting.

Love Mommy

first day of JK

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