Sunday, October 11, 2015

birthday shenanigans

On the eve of your birthday, I hugged you goodnight and whispered, "Happy birthday, Emma. I can't believe you'll be 4 tomorrow.  4, it was only 4 years ago that I held you in my arms, baby #3 a girl, my first baby girl, my precious little emma. 

We had an amazing day for you birthday.  With a few family and friends the day was soo much fun.  What did mommy and daddy have planned for there first little princess?  We had a fun party at home filled with lots of love.  You asked for a Queen Elsa cake and you got one!!!  you wanted a Frozen party so mommy and daddy made it happen.

Queen Elsa Cake for little miss emma 
We also couldn't let the day end without inviting your very favourite princess QUEEN ELSA.

little miss Emma meeting Queen Elsa 
Your face was priceless, I don't think you knew what to say or do.  You were in complete shock.  Queen Elsa came in she danced, singed and read a story for you and your little friends.  She also gave you guys a make over with fun make up.

story time with Queen Elsa 
of course because you are the birthday you get to sit on her lap during story time, you were so kind to share this amazing moment with little sister Mila, always a BIG SISTER.

group photo with Queen Elsa
make up courtesy of Queen Elsa

make up courtesy of Queen Elsa

mommy and her princesses emma and mila

daddy and little miss emma 

We Love you Emma, Happy 4th Birthday xoxoxo

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