Tuesday, February 21, 2012

happy 17 weeks emma

First, just a little update on you Emma, you had your 4 month check-up today a little late but Dr. Ling was on vacation last week.  Emma bear your 17 weeks and these are your stats; You are 16LBS 3ounces, so from your 3 month checkup you gained a whole 2LBS, my little porker

 Emma this is what you’ve been up to.  You’ve have grown so much over the couple of weeks!  Joshua and Jace just adore you, you have a sweet personality and we just love to make you laugh. 

Here is what you are doing now;
  • drooling like crazy
  • loves to babble and talk
  • You smile
  • makes the "b" sound sometimes
  • makes the "m" sound sometimes (I am trying to get you to say momma)
  • likes to suck on your fingers...especially your thumb:)
  • you sit up by yourself for a short time
  • you will reach for and grasp for toys when you want too
  • loves your exersaucer
  • still taking cat naps

Emma loves her exersaucer

Emma 17 weeks

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