Sunday, March 4, 2012

emma is baptized

"My Baby Gets Baptized!"
Let me start off by saying that I have never felt more proud than when I was standing in front of my friends & family in our Lord's house having Holy Water poured over your head as the priest formally welcomed you Emma into God's family.

We woke up that morning and I felt such a flutter in my chest.  It felt like Christmastime when I was a little kid.  I had looked forward to your Baptismal day from the day I found out I was pregnant.  I used to love looking at my baby pictures of me & my sibling’s on my Christening day.  The beautiful white gown & my brother's and sister`s all dressed up, so pure and beautiful.  I couldn't wait to have that for you Emma bear.

The ceremony was beautiful! Emma you did amazingly well; barely fussing at all!  The priest blessed you, anointed your forehead with Holy Oil and sprinkled Holy Water over your head.  

Daddy`s brother Peter, {Your Godfather} and my sister Paula {Godmother} were so proud as well!  It warmed my heart to see it visible in their eyes.

Your brothers are so proud of you, and all of your family was there to watch this very special day.  We love you Emma bear.

Daddy and I couldn't have been more proud and thankful to have so many of our family & friends take part in this special day for you.  Emma you are truly loved very much!

My little girl is officially a Catholic!

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