Saturday, March 10, 2012

happy 5 months from atlanta‏

Wow, it's the 10th today! I totally nearly missed that you Emma are FIVE MONTHS OLD today! We are on vacation in Atlanta visiting grandma, time is just flying by sweetie pie.

I was looking at your newborn pictures yesterday as I'm putting together an order for this BLOG and your scrapbook, and I can't believe how different you look already. Your face in general looks like a little kid with distinguishing features. Your hair, well you still have baby hair and you’re so tall now! Emma you grow every month, and we love seeing the changes in you. Five months doesn't seem like an eternity for most, for daddy and I it is – Emma already seems so old!

I adore how much joy you find in everything. There's nothing quite like playing with a 4/5 month old where everything is so exciting and fun. Now that your using her hands more, can see things better, and can understand things, you’re just delighted at such simple things. It's fun to re-explore the world through your eyes.
Love Mommy

Emma and Grandma

Emma, grandma and cousin Wesley

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